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Sailing Links:

Marine Planner - Charts, routes and more

Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories - Lots of good stuff here

Animated Knots - Every knot you will ever need in animation

Captain WiKi - On line cruising guides and sailing blogs

Marinas - Marinas, anchorages and great aerial photography

Pictures of Porlamar anchorage - taken from the top of Jim's mast?

Reed's Almanac - We've all got one

Stormy Weather Software - Tides, almanac, Morse code

Set Sail - a great cruising resource

I Sea Life - Lots of info for the offshore cruiser

Sailing Page - One of the best!

Seven Seas Cruising Association 

Create your own sail blog for free!

Free! Ship - Design software 

Luperón: The World's Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum. 



Cruiser Sites



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Boats for sale:


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