Wi-Fi Margarita


Q. How do I find my MAC address?

A. If you are using an external devise such as a PCMCIA card or a USB adaptor, the MAC number should be printed on the device. If your wi-fi is built into your computer you can find the MAC address as follows: Click on 'START' then 'RUN'. Type CMD in the box and click 'OK'. A DOS command window will open and you should type: IPCONFIG /ALL. look for the 'physical address of the wireless network.

Q. I can see a good signal from wifi margarita but I can't connect to the internet.

A. Turn off your firewall. Make sure there are not any anti virus programs running and if there are turn them off (disable them). Make sure there aren't any other programs trying to connect such as 'boingo'.

Q. I can receive mail but I can't send any.

A. If you use an email program like Outlook Express, in order to send mail you will need to specify the correct outgoing smtp mail server. You can always receive your mail using the same settings everywhere. However, in the outgoing mail server (smtp) box you must put mail.cantv.net 

Q. I was connected before to the internet but now I can't connect.

A. Contact wifi margarita and make sure your subscription is current.  try unplugging your wifi adaptor and plugging back in again. Try rebooting your computer. Your boat may be facing a different direction and something may be blocking the wifi signal, try repositioning the antenna or computer.